Monday, June 10, 2013

Wild Life in the Streets of India

Holy guacamole!  The cows here along with pigs, goats, and dogs run wild living in the streets.  In Pushkar I actually had one cow head butt me!  I was talking to a group of little girls who wanted a picture with me.  I noticed there was a grown white cow standing about 3ft away from me.  Since I have already had a fear of cows I did my best to pay it no mind.  Next thing I know I see a white flash and feel a soccer punch to my thigh.  The whole thing surprised me and I yelped!  Haha everyone rushed to push me away.  From then on I have been quite afraid to touch the cows or pass them in narrow alley ways.  Haley on the other hand loves the cows.  She calls them her little friends.  She pets and loves on them all the time.  The natives question here actions.  "That's a cow." they says.

One afternoon I had a banana left over from breakfast that I didn't want was determined to use it to make friends with a small cow was in the hotel.  The owners of the hotel wanted it out so I ran up to get the banana.  I lead the little cow out with the banana.  The cute little cow loved it.  I gave Selby the second half and when Selby had ran out of food it decided to give her a little head nudge. Haha we are both okay.

In lots of the cities there are some cows super skinny!  They roam the streets and trash piles looking for food, but I find most trying to eat plastic.  It breaks my heart.  I wonder, why don't they run away to a green field?  The dogs too are so skinny and visually suffering from skin conditions.  And the poor things are kicked and constantly having things thrown at them.  One afternoon I saw a skinny black dog sadly staring up at people probably looking for some loving or food to be dropped.  Out of now where a lady chucks a clay pot at the dog from behind!  The dog was not harming anyone!  This instantly upset me and I grabbed the first Indian I saw and asked him " Why do you all not like dogs?"  He tried to explain to me that their culture of dogs was different from mine.  That dogs here will try to bite and steal food.  Which I understand dogs at home try to do the same and then we act.  But a lot of the dogs around here are not rabid.  They act like house trained dogs or are extremely skittish.   Later the lady that had thrown the pot at the dog came up and tried to sell me stuff.  I told her no, she had harmed that innocent dog.  She tried to tell me the same thing the other guy did, but I just can't wrap my mind around it still.

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