Monday, June 3, 2013


I have recently come to the conclusion that this trip to India validates my goals in life. Every time i walk down the street I feel the need to wipe some kid's face or clean someone's wounds. It hurts me to just walk by some of these people and do nothing for them. One way I get through this is to remember that in a couple of years, I will become a nurse and I will be able to care for so many people. Even if I cannot really help the specific people I see right now, there will be many many more that I will have the opportunity to nurse. This thought comforts me somewhat. The other day I saw some homeless kids who were covered in filth and had swollen bellies. I could not stop myself this time. Their faces were so grimy. I knelt by them and pulled out some granola bars and face wipes. The look on their faces and their cute litte grins when I began washing their faces with the wipes was all the confirmation I needed. In that moment, I just knew, with  absolute certainty, that I had chosen the right path for my life's work.

On a slightly brighter note, the past few days in Varanasi have been incredible! I have been able to watch artists and musicians at work, nightly Hindu ceremonies by the river, monkeys fight each other, and children playing cricket everywhere. I was able to take traditional Indian dancing classes and traditional table drumming classes. I actually learned a dance and a song on the drum (we have videos!). Varanasi is situated alongside the Ganges so people will boat up and down the river to different parts of town. I have loved our boat rides during the night and dawn hours. The town is easily to travel around and I have become so comfortable here. Today, I was in an artist's home looking at his goods, when I saw his dogs. His family owns domesticated, cute, little dogs. Almost all of the dogs I have seen in India have been skinny and mangy. I found myself sitting on the floor with the dogs in my lap drolling and rolling all over me. It was definitely the highlight of my morning.

I will miss this little city which I have become accustomed to within the past five days. But I know that we will have so many other great experiences to come.


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