Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Final days in India

It is hard to fathom that we only have two full nights left in India. I feel as though we just arrived. I remember walking into the airport in Delhi and seeing the large mudra sculptures on the walls. I remember the crazy ride to the hotel the first night and my first few hours here. India is so vastly different than the U.S.! Now that I am some what acclamated to the constant travel and difficult conditions in India it is almost time for me to depart.

I will miss all of the sweet children I met at Tong Len. Deepak, a nine year old cutie, was one of the boys I spent the most time with while visiting the Tong Len hostel. I also became friends with a 14 year old girl named Binky. All of the children at Tong Len and the children we met in the slums were so sweet and nice. It was difficult to see the conditions the children in the slums lived in. Despite the intense poverty and rough conditions the children still seemed to be very happy. Material things are not what constitute happiness and this made it very apparent. It is extremely difficult for me to understand because I have been so highly influenced by consumerism. It makes me rethink what my needs and my wants are. It's so easy to let my mind be distracted by the beautiful, handcrafted items that are readily available here. I don't think I should abstain from buying anything but just be more conscious about it.

I'm going to miss McLeod Ganj and India sooooo much! Hopefully I will be back one day! 

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