Sunday, June 9, 2013

McLeod Ganj is so amazing! The higher elevation causes cooler, refreshing air. Our hotel is encircled by mountains. While walking the streets here you see a lot of Tibetans. They are phenotypically disparate and look more Chinese than Indian. Some of them are adorned in burgundy and yellow robes. These are the Tibetan Buddhist monks and nuns. The Tibetans escaped to India due to the Chinese taking over their country and killing lots of their people. It's sad and I hope that one day Tibet will become free.

We visited the monastery where the Dalai Lama resides and walked along the path encircling it. Many Buddhists circumabulate the monastery and to them it becomes a form of meditation. Prayer wheels, scriptures inscribed in stone, prayer flags, and the beautiful vegetation made this walk amazing! After this we hiked a bit more and found a nice spot to meditate. Meditation is an arduous task. Clearing one's mind and focusing on one's breath alone is quite difficult. My brain became scattered and kept jumping from one thought to another. I then would have to bring my thoughts back to my breath. I want to practice more to obtain a focused mind. If I can maintain this awareness and apply it to my everyday life I will become a happier person. I want to acquire the patience to stop and think before reacting.

This place is incredible! I can't believe the trip is coming to an end! It's crazy! I want to stay here longer!

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