Saturday, June 15, 2013

What to Remember

Hey there, so we are back in America now, and I am trying to process this whole experience I just had.  Which is hard, overwhelming actually, because there are just so many memories buzzing through my head at once.  It's like scanning through channels, and your favorite movies are on every one of them, but you can't be still and just watch one.  I guess that's normal though, it feels good to have so many good memories, and it's all shared with such great company.  But I still feel the urge to find one thing to put my finger on, one thought that sums the whole trip, and just rest with that for a minute.

So I try to think about what was the most important part, what matters the most out of everything we saw and felt.  One way to wonder about this is to look into the future and see how we will be different for going on the trip.  What will be different 3 weeks, or 3 months from now, when we are back in school, taking classes like normal?  Well a lot of the places we saw were very interesting, but I doubt I will still be visiting Hindu temples or touring Mughal forts quite as much.  What will be on my mind though, is the poverty and charity, which we saw everyday, and is present in America too.  Sure you would like to only remember the good parts, but I think I'd be lying to myself if I acted like that did not exist or that it was not part of the trip.

How will seeing the poverty still affect us in the fall?  Well, hopefully my dispostion towards charity will be changed.  In the past I have felt like I would like to help people more, but never took the steps to actually do more.  So I have a couple ways I hope I will help more actively.  For example, whenever I am approached by a charity to help, just by volunteering some time, in the past I've said, "Oh that would be nice if I did that," then walk away and don't.  Now I remember faces that need our help, and turning away will not be an easy option.  Also I think we all go beyond that, and will seek out charities that we can support, specifically Tong-Len, which we have a personal connection to now.  I know there will be opportunities to fundraise for Tong-Len USA, and when that time comes, how could I say no?  Nothing that I used to do instead will be more important anymore.

When I remember the kids faces, nothing in my privilleged life could matter more than spending a little time trying to help them.  I hope the opportunity to help does come, or we will find a way to make it come, because this is the best way we can remember this trip.  The journals, and pictures, and souvenirs will all be nice to have, but the feelings and emotional connection to India, that is what will matter most.  All the memories flash through my mind, the sights and sounds come and go, but the feelings rest deeper, and that is the part of India that will last the longest.


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