Saturday, June 8, 2013

Massages in Rishikesh

After a long couple days walking in the mountains Haley and I decided we needed a break from all of the pain and soreness. Dr. Maher had mentioned that there were good massages offered in India so we decided to check it out. Haley made us an appointment for six at night. We walked over fifteen minutes before not really knowing what to expect. Once we of there  we left our shoes outside and walked in. The atmosphere was very calming and relaxing. We met with two Indian women and were ushered into a room. There we were ordered to undress completely. I looked at her shocked and she told me all of my clothing an then to lay on the may on the floor. Once I payed down I relaxed a little. She rubbed oil over my entire body, leaving nothin to the imagination. After a while I relaxed and really enjoyed the experience and wasn't weirded out that I was completely naked in front of a stranger. After the experience I felt like a new person. All of my muscles felt relaxed and amazing. I would recommend it to anyone traveling in India and it was only 500 rupees!! Probably going to get anothe one before I leave! Lovin these places :)

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