Saturday, June 1, 2013

Babies in India

Babies in India are a sight to be seen. There is something about an Indian baby that gets to me. I cannot look away. They are sweet and innocent. It breaks my heart to see them being carried through the streets of India, dirty, hungry, naked, and being used as a tool for begging. I think the people on the street can sense my weakness because almost every time we have ventured out onto the streets I am approached by a woman and her infant child. My usual tactic to disuade the beggars is to make no eye contact. However, when there is a baby involved I cannot look away and I think that they know this. What gets me even more is not when a mother and her child approach me but when a child (usually around 8 years old) carrying an infant approaches me. Ask anyone in the group and they can probably tell you my exact reaction. My first thought is usually somewhere along the lines of "where is that baby's mother?" I can't fathom a mother sending her newborn baby out on to the streets to be watched after by another child. What if the baby gets hungry? Will the baby be too hot? Who will change their diaper? All of these thoughts and more run through my mind as I stare at such an innocent being. Because I cannot look away, I am more often than not approached. The woman makes me touch the baby and my heart melts. I have always had a special place in my heart for children but there is something about the children of India that really draws me. I have to say though, I have been getting better about not giving them money but it is so hard. It is one of those things where you know that they need the money you could provide but you are not sure what exactly they would do with it. I want my money to really make a difference in their lives which is why I am always so hesitant. I know that the babies of India will probably continue to follow me for the rest of my time here and I have to say that I am okay with it. Who doesn't love a cute baby?

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