Friday, June 14, 2013

The End

I can't remember the beginning of the trip. I feel like I have been in India forever but the trip flew by. We left India early this morning and are currently on the way back. The trip was definitely amazing and awe inspiring. I have to commend Dr. Maher as he put together and executed this trip perfectly. It was an amazing mix of religions and culture.

I don't have a specific favorite part of the trip as I enjoyed it all. The towns were all vibrant and different in their own right. I have to admit that my personal favorite was McLeod Ganj, many of the other students would agree.

On the last day we stayed at the same hotel we started with in Delhi. This time was completely different than the first time around. We easily walked through the streets and getting around via Rickshaw is much easier. Also on the last day a small group of us went to the Delhi Zoo. At the zoo we saw the typical animals like elephants and tigers. One thing that I did notice is that Indian people love their deer as there were about 18 different types to see.

Overall this trip has been a great experience. I don't think it has fully sunk in what has occurred over these weeks. I honestly don't think that it will until I am sitting in class next week. What I take away from this trip are a book full of stories, most of which only the people on this trip will fully understand. I cannot thank Dr. Maher and ECU enough for this opportunity.


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