Sunday, June 9, 2013

Welcome to McLeod Ganj

Hello everyone!

Yesterday was our first full day in McLeod Ganj and I already love it here. The weather is absolutely amazing compared to everywhere else we've been, granted it rains a lot here. The hotel we are staying at has the most beautiful view. Mountains surround us; it is a sight to be seen. We started our day bright and early as usual. We went to the monastary where the Dalai Lama lives. Unfortunately he wasn't there but even getting to see where he lived was awesome in itself. I was captivated by the people there practicing their religion. Buddhist's pray with their whole body. Seeing them move like that seemed like something you would see at a gym, and they did it for hours! I can't imagine how in shape they must be! It is also customary for the people here to circumambulate the monastary. The walk was not a casual stroll but compared to what came later it was a piece of cake. Later in the afternoon we took the walk from hell. It is very hilly here and that is probably an understatement. We walked through the woods to villages higher up in the mountains. The walk was gorgeous but very strenuous. I thought the group may have to leave me on the side of a mountain in India but like everything on this trip I put it in perspective and powered through it. I am so glad I did because the views were incredible and the opportunity to meditate in a place like that is once in a lifetime. I'm not the best meditator but the experience was wonderful. I recommend everyone back home try it out! I can't believe the trip is almost over; I almost don't want to come back!

Until next time!

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