Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Loving Rishikesh

I have found my new favorite place. Rishikesh is absolutely amazing. Yesterday we hiked down the mountain and cleansed our sins in the Ganges. The water was chilly but so worth it. We went to dinner at a restaurant that was dimly lit and we all sat on the floor. There were some men in there that had tablas and had a jam session. There were surprisingly really good. Out the window of the restaurant we could see the Ganges. Bonus- we could see the stars on the walk back to our hotel. It has been way too long since I've been able to see the beautiful stars in the night sky. Life doesn't get much better than that.
 This morning we woke up early and had a relaxing yoga session. It was so cool to have a real yogi instruct us. Later on in the afternoon we hiked up to the Beatles ashram. I've been trying to think of the words to describe this place but it seems impossible. There were a bunch of run-down buildings with amazing graffiti as well as little stone huts which were used for meditation. We walked into one building where artists had come in and technically illegally painted all over the walls. As soon as I walked in, I almost started to cry. It was an incredible tribute to the band that changed music and the world. It was so cool to be in the same place where they had been years ago. I would do anything to see all the people that spent time in this ashram meditating and just chilling out. I could've stayed exploring this area for days but since our time was limited we had to move on.
Rishikesh is such an amazing town, I'm falling in love very quickly.

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