Monday, June 10, 2013

Time at Tong Len

Hello everyone!

Yesterday I was lucky enough to spend time at Tong Len hostel. Initially, I was just excited to see all of the children and talk to them. I had no idea what the day would hold. The time that I was lucky enough to spend there will be something I never forget. As soon as you walk in the feeling of love and gratefulness is palpable. Walking in with my little ball and paddle set felt like I was doing nothing but seeing the smile on the children's faces when they saw what I was holding was heart warming. I have never met a group of children who were so open, loving, kind, and generous. They welcomed us all with open arms and were thrilled to show us the place that they call home. While there, children just kind of latched on to me and proceeded to tell me what to do. I didn't mind though; I was there for them after all. It was amazing getting to know all of them. Asking them about school, and family, and what they do for fun. I could tell that they were just as eager for me to know them as I was. At some point during our visit I got a makeover. Typically I am not one for letting people touch my face or put crazy makeup on me but today I was able to forget about all of that and just be there with the kids. I guess you could say my makeup was abstract. Bright turquoise and hot pink covered my eyelids. My cheeks were flushed with the pinkest blush you've ever seen, and my lips were given color with a dark pink eye shadow. To me I looked crazy but to the girls I was a work of art. Looking past the bright colors and awkward placement I was able to see the hard work and care they put into it. Of course we had a photo shoot afterward and I could tell that the girls were having fun. It made feel good to know that I was able to brighten their day even if it was in such a small way. Not only did I get a makeover but I also had my first experience with henna. One of the older girls painted an intricate design on my hand. I'm looking at it as I type this and it is so beautiful. I wish I was as talented and creative as she is. Before we left for the day I was able to take part in a dance party. All of the kids from the hostel and our whole group gathered in a large room where the music was loud and the energy was contagious. I'm not the best dancer but seeing all of those kids dance really put me to shame. I have no idea where they learned to move like that! Even though I didn't do much dancing, just seeing the joy on everyone's faces was enough for me. I have never seen a group of kids more happy or content with their lives. It was truly inspiring. I will never forget the time I got to spend at Tong Len. We were there to play but it was ended up being so much more. I truly learned the importance of happiness and having an open heart.

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