Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Squad Pod

Almost a month ago we all met in Washington D.C. to embark on our wonderful adventure halfway around the world. All coming together sharing one common interest, an interest in India. Once arriving all of us were anxious and scared of how each other were going to respond and how we were going to get along. Personally I was worried, my brain kept saying "What if they don't like you?" "What if you're the one in the group no one likes?". Well as soon as we all were together these worries vanished. Only in a few days our friendships started forming. We all realized we would be stuck together so why not make the most of it. Starting out it was simply friendships, not a real deep feeling of family yet. As our trip has progressed our bonds have continued forming. Once in Varanasi after being in India for a couple weeks Dr. Maher called us for a group meeting and told us to sit on the Ghat because he had something important to say. He then informed us of how proud he was that we all got along so well and truly cared for each other. Not only do we all care deeply for each other but we all enjoy including everyone in what we do. Personally I have become close with a couple girls, Selby, Haley, and Kaitlyn. We laugh and joke together but not only by ourselves with everyone. We even invented the name the "Squad Pod" for our group nickname. I have become so close with everyone. I truly appreciate how everyone came to check on me when I was sick in Varanasi and even Frank went out of his way to find me Gatorade in India, which by the way is not an easy thing to do. I feel as if these people are my family. We all can talk about the weirdest things together, ones that normal people would probably not talk a lot about like pooping, throwing up, sweating, and even the nasty extent of our body hair. This trip has not only given me so many new friends but has given me a family of people who I love and would anything for. I cannot fully express my gratitude for getting to know these people and for this adventure. I will miss spending my days with  them but hopefully we can continue our adventures together back at ECU. 
much love


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