Thursday, June 13, 2013

A Little Monkey Blog

Before this trip I heard all about the monkeys here running wild and being everywhere in the streets.  So after 3 days in Delhi and not seeing a single monkey, I was pretty disappointed.  The first time I saw one was in Pushkar!  The first time seeing them was at our cooking class in Pushkar .  There were a larger momma and two small babies on a roof top in the distance and closer up a big ole daddy.  The big  one got pretty close, trying to get the food we were cooking, and the father of our cooking teacher had to scare him away with a stick and crazy yelling.

Later in the mountains we were walking to the Beatles ashram with monkeys all around us in the trees.  Selby and I saw a big one jump from the tree to the wall next to us with an evil look in his eye.  We didn't know what kind of mischief he was getting into next so we stepped over to the other side of the road.  Sure enough the monkey starts running jumps off the wall near a lady holding two grocery bags.  Snatches on bag, turns around, laughs, and runs back in the trees with his new bag of goodies.

That made me a little skeptical of the monkeys.  People even walk around with sticks in some places to protect themselves. It was awesome to see monkeys everywhere just hanging out.  All in the trees, on the roofs, on the side of roads, and even in temples and museums.  Some are a lot bigger than they appear from a distance, like 3 feet tall people.  And the little babies were adorable to watch play and ride piggy back or on the belly side of their mommas.  We tried to get close and take pictures.  Some people got good ones.  I got a nice on of one chilling on the wires of a bridge.  

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