Tuesday, June 11, 2013


The Himalayas are so beautiful! First we saw the foothills in Rishikesh and I thought those were huge! They made the Appalachian Mountains look like rolling hills! It was so nice to have a change in scenery and to be in a little bit of a cooler environment. Rishikesh was also very different than any other place we had been so far. It felt a little cleaner and more touristy. The Ganges river runs right though the middle of the city, so to get across you take one of two walking bridges! These were a little bit scary, I'm not afraid of heights but when a bridge starts to sway a little and you are continually dodging monkeys, cows, and motorbikes it gets a little nerve racking. This always made trips to our favorite restaurant more exciting!

Every night we ate at one of the many restaurants right on the river, it was so pretty. Most nights we ate at this place called Freedom Cafe, where you sat on the floor and had the best view of the part of the city we were staying in! While we were there we also went to the Beatles Ashram. It was so cool to see all the places the Beatles had stayed. There was also a lot really awesome artwork covering the insides of most of the buildings. The next day we went river rafting. It was so much fun! I had never been, so I think it's pretty awesome I can say my first time was in the Ganges River through the foothills of the Himalayas! 

And once again we were sad to leave yet another amazing city in India!

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