Saturday, June 1, 2013

Love, in my opinion, is the most powerful essence on this Earth. Every single animal needs love. In India I have experianced a new love. I can look into a complete strangers eyes and feel love for them. The people of India do not need material things, nor do they crave them as Americans. All they want is love. When you see a group of children playing on the streets, they run up to you with arms wide open wanting a hug. Most of them are dirty, have no clothes on, are homeless, and many have mutations..but all they want is love and attention. You can play with them for hours and get lost in time because it brings you a joy from within that you cant explain. When your output is love and happiness you get a sense of overwhelming happiness that you cannot explain. I feel like my heart beats to make someone else smile, like thats my calling in life. Outside our hotel is a mother and her three children, she just sits on the streets with her children and hopes for food to get handed to her or some money. This family breaks my heart, the kids look about 2, 4, and 7 years old, they all wear tee shirts but no underwear or pants, and I hate seeing them sit their bottoms on the FILTHY ground. They are so innocent and little and my heart breaks for them. Ive went outside for the past two mornings and bought them all breakfast and water to drink. After I get them some food I just play with them, they have a constant smile, which makes me feel so good. The feeling of helping someone less fortunate then yourself is the most rewarding feeling I have ever experianced. This trip has made me want to literally give all of my possesions away to people who actually need them. Why do I need 3 meals a day when some little baby only gets one? Why do I need to sleep in an air conditioned room when most people in India dont even have shelter to sleep under? I feel like my whole life has been a selfish blur, I dont want to be selfish anymore. I want to set myself apart from the way other people think. I dont want the American dream, I dont want material things, I dont want fortune. I want love, happiness, joy, family, trust, appreciation, motivation, selflessness, etc. I am so greatful for the life I live and the people in my life. I love my family, friends, and David more than words will ever describe. I will continue to love every single human being I encouter because you never know what they have been through or what they are going through at the moment. Love is the answer to any question you may have in life. Love and be loved.

 As Gandi says: My life will be my message.

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