Monday, June 10, 2013

Being Sick in India

So as I mentioned in an earlier blog, I got sick for a good while.  If any of y'all were wondering how that was, it was awful when it comes to needing a restroom.  For one, public bathrooms are most of the time not free which sucks if you need to go a lot .  Second there are not many when you are walking around the streets.  Thirdly half are quite unsanitary squatting hole toilets with no toilet paper.  Another unpleaseant thing is the heat.  It is at least 105 every where we were while I was sick.

On a brighter note though my AC in my room worked.  I was able to rest in the room for a couple of days to get well.  Dr. Maher and the whole group were really understanding and comforting about me getting well.  People even offered to help with my bags when we traveled.  The doctor's office was hidden back in an alley and would have been impossible for me to find if it weren't for Dr Maher and the hotel man. The place was kinda of like a house and his patient room was like a business man's office.  There was his desk, two chairs in front of his desk, and a couple more in the room.  The patient's table was longer and more narrow than the ones in the USA.  But the doctor was very nice and quick!  There was no nurse to check vital signs or previous medical history which was odd to me, but he seemed to know exactually what it was.  Makes you wonder if we could come up with a faster system in the USA. 

The pharmacies are also very different here.  They are usually on the sides of main roads marked with a red cross so they are not too difficult to find.  Inside is just a huge room of straight medications.  No name brand medication or any other goods just drugs.

And welll now I'm sick again.  I had been getting well for a couple of days but now I am back to the same thing. Yay, not.  Dr. Maher, Aaron, and their local friend (sweet boy around 14) all took me to the hospital to be examined.  Once I first got there and tried to explain the whole story to the nurse, she claimed I wasn't an emergency.  Luckily Dr. Maher's friend said something to her which I didn't understand and she went to get a doctor.  :) I don't know how long we had to wait but for me it felt like forever.  The nurse finally took me back to a big room with multiple different kinds of beds and had me sit on one while she checked my vital signs.  The doctors visit in the hospital was a lot like the USA's regular doctor visits which I liked.  She asked me about the whole story and my past medical history, etc.  I am going to have to have a stool test to figure out what it is but she gave me a medicine to get rid of the vomiting !  The first pill she gave me ended up being thrown up :( so they gave it through an IV.  My nausea is gone, but I am still in very much pain.  Pray that this stool test tells all!

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