Sunday, June 2, 2013


Tomorrow is our last day in Varanasi. I am so sad to leave the city. I have really enjoyed staying here and meeting all the people near the hotel. Yesterday we met in the morning to go visit some temples. First we went to the spot that the Buddha taught  his first teaching. It was such an amazing feeling to be in the same place that the Buddha taught. Next we visited a Tibetan temple and a Jain temple. The Tibetan temple was so beautiful. It was huge and filled with so much detail. After the temples we came back to the hotel and did some shopping...again. Then some of us walked down to ghats on the river. We started talking to a few of the people and ended up staying for almost an hour! The people here are so friendly and interesting to talk to. All of the people are so quick to ask our names, or where we are from. It is so nice to meet people and find out more about them. Last night we also had a music concert. There was a group of men who played instruments and a dancer. The dancer was one of the students of the dance instructor that taught us earlier in the week. They were both such amazing dancers. I have really enjoyed our time in Varanasi. I am going to miss all the people we have met. I wish we had more time here but I can't wait for the rest of the trip!  

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