Thursday, June 6, 2013


Hey everyone! If you didn't know I have been ill for a while, but once I heard our next stop I put all my energy into healing!  I have been looking forward to this stop the whole inter trip!  One because we were going to be near a river and in the beautiful Himalayan mountains; which I never thought I would actually be able to say.  That I have been to the Himalayan mountains!  More importantly we got to go WHITE WATER RAFTING today!!!

The day started off with a peaceful rain.  Then we all trickled out on to the lawn for a yoga lesson.  The lesson was very professional and peaceful outside.  We had a master in a white gown and we led us in Om sounds and chants before and after.  Then we proceed to a delicious buffet style breakfast on the roof top.  There was coffee, tea, mango juice (which I usually do not like in the States but was very good here,  we also had watermelon juice here which I had never had either and it was the boom!! I couldn't get enough) bananas  peaches, a cooked vegetable dish, toast, and omelets.  I have no had fruit for two weeks and those peaches were so ripe and had to have two!

Following breakfast we jumped in jeeps to a camping/ tent/ outside hotel/ resort place. Here we enjoyed volleyball and the SWIMMING pool!  I was in heaven.  After constantly being in the heat  it was nice to jump in cool water.  The pool standard were not the best; most of us agree we probably  would not have jumped into this green, buggy pool, but here we were already use to the cleanliness of the area and said "What the Hey!".

Finally the time had come to white water raft, we instantly all wanted to jump in the boat was we got to the water.  We couldn't sit still to listen to the rules and precautions.  Before we all jumped in our guide told us all to get calf deep in the water, facing land, and hold hands.  We soon saw where this was going and all the girls were screaming "NO".  Haha but the guy came by and pushed us all in!  The water was heart stoppingly cold but felt delightful once you got out.  The ride took around 4 hours I think he said.  The swells were HUMONGOUS, some probably 6 feet. No drop offs though :( and no one capsized, even though a group tried to on purpose.  Our leaders were so awesome.  The let us jump in and pushed us in.  They had crazy games to get us to accidentally fall in.  The whole ride was so much fun.  Half way we pulled up on shore for a wonderfully handmade Indian buffet.  And made another stop after that to jump off some ledges and follow creeks up to a cute waterfall.  Overall it was quite an awesome day!

Tomorrow we get to get up bright and early for our next stop!  Wish us safe travels!

Love Ya! 

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