Saturday, June 8, 2013

Up in the Mountains

We have finally arrived in McLeod Ganj. In order to get here we have to drive 12 hours on Indian highways, which was a harrowing experience. The city we are in is much higher than rishkish. Up in the clouds the temperature is much cooler. The 90 degree weather actually feels cold. The hotel is on the side of a mountain. While looking around the clouds cleared to show a massive rock faced, snow capped mountain. It looks like the Paramount movie mountain, a super impressive sight.

The town has a completely different atmosphere than any other town. It is a Buddhist town, the home of the Dalai Lama. Today we learned about the occupation of Tibet of China. I had of course heard of the free Tinet movement but didn't know what it really meant. I had no idea that 7 million people were forced to abandon  their traditions. Pherhaps the most emotional part of the day for me was the method of protesting that young Tibetians are using. As the ultimate protest they are setting themselves on fire. I could not imagine the dedication that these people feel. They feel as of there is no other way to state their feelings. Outside of the Dalai Lamas house is a wall dedicated to these 117  people and counting. At the same time I understand there are various political reasons that a country could not intervene in this situation.

It is hard to describe how this experience will have changed me. I think time will allow me to sort trough the various emotions and lessions that I have experienced. The past couple of weeks have been a whirlwind of cities, traveling, and great comrade. I look forward to the last week here in India.

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