Friday, June 7, 2013

The Traffic in India!

     Okay, if anyone has already blogged about this my apologizes, just every time we get into a car the driving patterns around here amazes me.  First of all there vehichles are very different. There are ricsaws which some cities in the states have but these can be motor or bicycle driven.  And there is absoultley no limit to how many people and you can bargan the price.  On ride we got seven people all on the tiny "golf cart".  There are also very big dump trucks rather than eighteen wheelers.  They are all decorated very colorfuliy and individualistically.  In some states the big trucks are only allowed to drive at night. There are also old buses and bigger AC tourist buses every where.  Also here they have cars vans, and SUVs that look similar to ours in an alienistic way.  The less usually seen in the USA would be all the people on bicycles, horse drawn carrages and camels.  Most populare mode of transportation though is defintaly motorcycles and mopeds.  People try to fit everything and themseveles on one.  I often seen family of four riding togethere on ones. The police jeeps and ambulances here are avaible but few.  The ones I have seen with there lights on never go any faster than the rest of the traffic and the traffic usually is so crazy already that the can't get through.  I hope I never need one. 
     Now on to the actually traffic seen.  Frist the vehicle drives pretty much where ever these please.  There are lines on some roads, but no one really tries to stay in them except the huge trucks.  Second dangerous to me habit you can pass when ever and where ever you feel like it.  You just honk once to warn the person and pass on by.  They do a lot of honking here.  Never really for road rage reasons just to warn other drivers.  The honks here to sometimes seem to sing not a pretty song but they will beat it several times or the trucks horns with have ashore tune.  Unlike the US where we seem to lay on if we use the horn.   As you walk up and down the small streets and alleyways cars and motorcycles come honking by.  I had one car's side mirrow wacked me from behind.  There have been many scary street crossing sessions too. hahha but we are all alright!

Until Later My Firends, Goodnight&Goodmoring :)

     Kaitlyn R

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