Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Group

The only thing that has better than the places we've been on this trip is the people that I've been able to experience those places with. When we first began our journey I honestly never saw our group becoming as tight as we are today. So many different personalities and so many different opinions have all come together and contributed to our group chemistry. It is because we are different that our situation works. When we disagree its makes for interesting conversation and we all always end up coming together in the end. I honestly never thought I would be able to say that the thing that has made this trip so special is the other ECU students who came along, but that's the truth. There's a special bond created when you have experiences with people that you share with no one else. The way this trip was planned is really what made our group cohesion possible. Being thrown into a foreign environment and having to rely on one another has helped to develop a bond that I know will carry over into the school year and years to come. The laughs, the debates, and the annoyed feelings all allow me to look back and smile. I've learned so much about each person in such a short amount of time its amazing. The students on this trip have real character, charisma, and pure intelligence. Knowing how amazing these people are gives me faith in the future. If there are more young people like the students of Religion 2500 going out into the world, then the future is promising indeed. 

Through it all I know that not everyone will stay in touch but that is not the point. I believe that everyone on this trip has made at least one friend that ten years from now they will still be able to call up and talk to. For me that's one of the greatest gifts India has given me. Good friends are hard to come by and I cant imagine a situation that I would have had the pleasure of meeting the good friends I have made here in India. Life is great, God is great, and my classmates are great!

Weh'yee "West" Barkon

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