Thursday, June 6, 2013

Lovin' Life

I absolutely love Rishikesh! It has been nice to get out of the hustle and bustle of bigger cities and come to this nice town in the mountains! It is so beautiful and serene. The rooftop of our hotel over looks the Ganges River and provides a magnificent view of the mountains. Waking up and doing yoga every morning stretches my body and relaxes my mind. Our yoga instructor is the real deal! The markets are filled with beautiful jewelry and the people are once again very congenial and vibrant!

The Beatles ashram that we journeyed to was once a place The Beatles used to come when they visited India, particularly George Harrison. The ashram is dilapidated but is still very beautiful because it has graffiti of Beatles quotes on the walls. There are also awesome murals painted on the walls. Ahhh, so cooool!

The best part of Rishikesh was our river rafting adventure on the Ganga. We had a quick briefing of how to maneuver the raft and stay safe and then headed down the mighty river. It was so exhilarating! Every new rapid we encountered was a new adventure. I was thrown off the raft a few times and got to cruise down the chilly, refreshing water. Being surrounded by mountains and feeling the energy of the river was amazing! We made a pit stop for lunch. The lunch was made with fresh ingredients and our guides provided us with copious amounts of scrumptious food! It was the best food I've had here! After our lunch break we stopped at a spot on the river where we could jump into the icy water. This was also very exhilarating! Ahhh, I'm seriously going to miss Rishikesh!

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